I've loved being active for as long as I can remember. I'm an equal opportunity exercise enthusiast, except swimming. That's downright HARD!  There's no way I can narrow my love down to one. My passions include running, biking, walking, lifting, yoga, HIIT workouts, meditation, and basically everything else! I also believe that is what makes me a great trainer. I've kind of done it all. 


WHY work with me?

I'm a realist. I know there are no magic pills. Except coffee beans. Those are life! But really, I know from experience, you can't get from the start line to the finish line (is there really ever one?) without a lot of work in between. Trust me, the work isn't always easy. That's what I'm here for. I'm not here to train body builders, airbrush swimsuit models or the person looking to walk onto stage at Mr. Olympia. Don't get me wrong, those are all amazing things to do, but that's just not my training niche. I'm here for the mom that works full time and does all the things that we moms do, yet also needs to dedicate some time to herself for her own health. I'm here for the dad that wants to keep up with his son while shooting some hoops. I'm here for the average person that wants to work their muscles (including the heart) and wants to have fun while doing it. I want to keep things fresh and change up the workouts so your muscles continue to be challenged and your mind doesn't get bored. I wouldn't expect from you anything that I'm not willing to do myself. 


CYT 200 hour- RYS certified (Yoga Teacher)

Yoga Sculpt Certified 

NETA Personal/Group Training Certification

CPR Basic Life Support Certification

Fitness Equipments


2  Pre-recorded workouts per week

 Dumb bells required. 
Choose to workout when you want, where you want!

I'll add 2 new workouts to the website each week  that you can do in your own space, on your own time. You'll have access to me for feedback, questions and I will be checking in with you for that added accountability. 



Accountabily in Partners

Option to have me come to you (house, office, garage, whatever) and set up a workout with any equipment you have. Or the option to do a complete body weight workout. Have your spouse, friend or teenager join you for a fun workout built just for you. 



It's all about YOU. Your goals. Your time. 

I will create a custom plan, built for you and your goals. We'll keep things fun, engaging and focused to avoid boredom and burn out. This is your chance to get a program tailored to your specific needs and goals. What are you waiting for?

Testimonial: Liz H. 

"Amy has been leading me through hour long classes weekly for over three years.  Her ability to make you laugh in the middle of a challenging routine keeps everyone motivated to “push through”.  She’s so down to earth…allowing you to feel instantly connected to her!  Amy will help guide and focus you on your journey toward fitting fitness into your own life."



Detroit Lakes, MN

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